Two things

First: Wow, I can get a decent gigging keyboard setup for under a grand. A good Clavinova with an X-frame and various other bits. That’s something to keep in mind although I doubt it will ever be relevant to me.

Second: If anything keeps me from making any of my music available as anything other than sheet on IMSLP, it will be the necessity to have informed opinions on every damned thing under the sun related to streaming, pay-what-you-want, kickstarter … all of that rot that I am becoming really, really sick of hearing about. I feel bad for the DIY musicians who have to force themselves to become familiar with that stuff. I’m sure they wish they didn’t have to.

I’ve expressed an opinion here and there O:-) on the topics myself, some of which were better thought out than others and some of which I should not have said, but I am really starting to just get sick of the whole thing and think to myself, “Fuck it, Bandcamp, Tunecore, and maybe the very, very occasional live thing if I’m not completely turned off by the idea and the gig in question is with walking distance of my place. And that’s it.” Social media? What I’ve got now. A blog, Twitter, and maybe a FB page.

Beyond that, I am rapidly running out of craps to give.