Fun with pedal etudes

They’re getting better. At first, timing was an issue since I just wasn’t used to using those muscles in a timed sense at all, so I was all over the map. It’s gotten way better.

The shoes are interesting — I don’t walk in them at all, and I haven’t put weight on them, either. I get onto the bench, pull them on, and then remove them before getting up. They’re very narrow, but about normal for my typical shoes. I just have to get used to how they feel, and how to distinguish the normal feel of the side of the shoe on the side of my foot versus the feel of touching a pedal on the side, which indicates that I’m about to press two pedals at once.

Still poking at Keating’s “Lost,” on it, too. 🙂 Fun device. I can see why people like VPOs, though. The organ was sort of the world’s first live mixing board. Adding looping capability to that would be completely insane and in the best possible way. 🙂