Pedal etudes and scales

I need to either cut the binding off of that Gleason book or else get a good spiral-bound book of pedal etudes. My organ shoes came in the mail (very retro-butch since I didn’t want the ones that looked like Mary Janes), and I ran into a difficulty when I went to play some of the pedal studies in Gleason and Gleason.

The book weighs enough that putting it on the music desk on the Rodgers makes the desk tilt forward and (nearly) dump the book into my lap. It’s also book-bound, so it won’t lie flat.

So I probably need to get it cut and the chapters separately bound to cut down on weight, or just find a good pedal technique study book that’s lighter and spiral-bound so I can figure out how to do scales and things the approved way.

ETA: On the other hand/foot, I did buy Joyce Jones’ “King of Instruments” … which I promptly stashed in the bench and forgot I had … Think I’ll whip it out a bit tonight and see what I can get done.