Forward movement

Some loosening of things last night. (I seem to use disturbingly gastro-enterological metaphors for the composition process, which makes this particular turn of phrase a little alarming.)

Anyhow, things started moving forward thanks to a generous offer of a pair of eyes to cast upon the thing made by Erica Sipes of Beyond the Notes last week. It’s amazing how that can prod one into getting something done finally instead of angsting, sort of like how you don’t ever wipe down the bathroom counters until you know you’re going to have someone over who hasn’t become familiar with your dust collection yet.

So I was appropriately happy that she liked it since she’s a Real Pianist™, and she also caught out a number of notational errors that have since been solved, plus thinking about showing it to someone made me finally think with some focus about just what I had to do with it. That crystallized an idea that I had had but not developed about recapitulating that fanfare-like theme that I had stuck on the front in the middle of the piece. I had only referenced it in a very vague way, knowing that I wanted to recap it somehow, but having to show it to a pro made me pay closer attention to that idea and implement it more fully.

And with that, I think I’ve mentally ascended to the next plateau, which is really nice. I even think I can get back into BM from here and start to think of ways to recap the main theme in light of the developments it’s undergone since the start. I even have a coda in mind. 🙂

I’m happy with this. It’s a little bit like an etude, but I’m happy with it. I think the next thing I write is going to have a more sentimental emotional core to it, though. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything like that, unlike those two that I did in D Mixolydian and Eb.

I wish I were able to move forward on my own stuff without putting all the Haendel arrangements I have been working on on the back burner, though. The minute I get a decent collection of personal pieces together, I’m getting back to that so fast. I just love it.