How to keep a gimmick from overstaying its welcome

Closely related to how to tell when a gimmick has overstayed its welcome, which I’m not sure I can do. This piece has a very clear Thing™ about it: nonstop triplets in the right hand. It’s also been fun to see what I can do with that, from see-saw octaves to actual melody. I’m just not sure whether it’s overstayed its welcome or not, and whether I can keep the piece going without this gimmick or should just end it and make it a short etude.

So right now, the poser before me is to determine whether the triplets have hung around long enough for the ear to get annoyed by them if I keep them up. If yes:

1) Should I deviate from them and make a C theme that goes in another direction?


2) Should I simply end the piece on the assumption that the triplet gimmick is what the piece is actually about, and that adding in a new one would be a bit like moving Laverne and Shirley to California?

Is the triplet gimmick such a strong part of the piece that ending it should end the piece?

The thing is too short as it is. Well, it’s short at least. Too short may be a judgment call.

I need to mull this one.

ETA: Hey! The WordPress sidebar told me this was 1,063rd post! That’s prime too! 1,061 and 1,063 are a prime pair! That’s so cool!

ETA #2: In other news, I seem to have managed to play out the really hard bits in this piece that were thrashing me before, and gotten them at least in line enough that my hands don’t hurt. So that’s something.