Speaking of those 39,000,000 repetitions …

I really need to learn to take it easy, or find a way to manage a rapid-fire fortissimo without thrashing the nerve running up the thumb-side of my right hand. *sigh* I have those rice packs in my freezer; I should actually use them.

I’ve always said that I never had a serious problem with pain or injury as a musician, and I do think that having loosely strung joints is a good thing in that case. However, I’m beginning to realize that I was in no way putting the kind of athletic effort into playing that the top-flight types typically put into it. I was like someone who runs the occasional lazy 5k in beat-up sneakers wondering why Olympic athletes get torn ligaments and other nasty medical issues.

I can absolutely see why most virtuosos state that a student needs no more than 4 hours of practice, maybe 5. Not only can you pack a lot into a little if you work smartly, but you have to work smartly, because practicing for any longer means running a very serious risk of injury.

I need to find another way to practice this thing, or else simply don’t play it fortissimo just yet. Even the rocking octave triplets were making my hands sore until I felt comfortable with them and started to relax. As I feel more and more at home with this particular theme (triplets, but not simple rocking octaves), I should find myself relaxing more and more — my mission for the moment is to not hurt myself before I reach that point.

Aside: This is my 1,061st post. And I’m all proud of myself because I saw that number flashed up at me by WordPress and went, “Hey, that’s prime!” I can almost always find the “fracture planes” in a number to get it to break up into its constituent bits in my head with enough thought, and I couldn’t get that one to come apart on me. (And it is prime! Barbie was dead wrong — math is awesome!)

2nd aside: You know, as annoying as it is to have to worry about how not to injure myself, it’s also kind of cool. I mean, it’s like a puzzle. How do I arrive at Goal X without having Bad Thing Y happen? It’s neat, in a way. As long as my hands stay healthy. 🙂