So the Noodle Incident has decamped …

… and attached itself to the Monster, see below:

A plate of noodles

I’m not sure why, whether it’s because I have no perfectionism on this instrument, because it’s sustaining, because of the inherent lightness of the keys, or something else entirely, or all of the above in some linear or nonlinear combination. I just know I am having fun improvving on this thing, and that I can see myself doing this for some time, possibly long enough and intensely enough to become good at it.

I’m not including pedalwork yet, though. I have no pedal technique and will probably have to just woodshed at it (and some finger technique as well, since the thing does work differently in many ways than a piano). Before I gain pedal technique, I can’t use them in the improvisations I’m churning out.

However, once I do gain some thoughtless ability on the pedals, I look forward to adding it in.

I don’t want to keep calling it the Monster, by the way. “Tiny” is a possibility, but it just doesn’t seem to work. I’m going to have to mull this. It may not need a name; I’ve never felt the need to name a piano. Maybe Sweetums, like that gigantic monster-Muppet.