Noodles for breakfast

So I improv way better in the morning. I guess that makes some form of sense. In sleep, the mind softens and gets a little more malleable around the margins. That makes it easier for it to assume a new shape upon wakening, before daily experience and habit cause it to solidify into a familiar shape again.

I’m wondering if I can — meaning, if I would be willing to — get up a titch earlier in the mornings and just do a little free association on the thing before going to work. I love sleep. I mean, I seriously love it. I need to find out if I’m willing to forgo even a half-hour of sleep in the mornings to sit at Sweetums and poke around. I haven’t even hooked the speakers that came with it up yet, so it’s headphones-only for now; no one need be disturbed. And since I love sleep … well, we’ll see how dedicated I am to this.

If I’m unable or unwilling to drag my lazy ass out of bed to do this, it will be a weekend experiment, and take much longer. If I’m not a total slob in the morning (and I wouldn’t bet the retirement on it), then I’ll give it a pop.