Shedding on five sharps and finger-specific sustains

So I’m able to — for the most part — play the five-sharp thing all the way to the end now. Next step is to play it, record it, and let it marinate in my head for a bit. The finer points of timing are off, but I’m not at the point yet where I can worry about that. It’s writing time, and first and foremost on my mind now is, “What comes next?”

Then, there’s the couple of finger-sustaining things I did on the Monster last night. Unsurprisingly, sustaining the 4th finger while dancing around with the others seems to be the most challenging. The others aren’t a big problem. In general, I think fingering is going to be more pre-thought-out and less “just wing it and you’ll manage.” Well, it’s never quite that casual on a piano, but there are a lot of ways in which you can just sort of play things and not worry about the fingering in any but the most challenging situations.

And I think I do need to get proper shoes, or else I need to sit too far forward to use my heels.