I’m hoping I’ll be able to do this more thoughtlessly, but …

… for now, this thing is really, really, really facilitative of improv. The lightness of the keys, the fact that I have little baggage associated with “getting it right,” and the sustaining quality of it is enormously helpful. You can hit a “wrong” note, and then just flutter around until you realize where you are, and then act all “I meant that.” 🙂

A very large playground

And, wonder of wonders, it has a headphone jack. Heaven. Untrammeled heaven. I’ve got the old stereo speakers that the fellow I bought it from used with it, but I think I can basically get rid of them, because I’m never going to use them. I’d like to wait a few paychecks and then go to the Rodgers showroom out here and pick up a good, small speaker setup for it, with an amp, and get a tech out here to install it and take a look at a few things. One of the Gs in an annoying place is making intermittent contact, and a few of the stop lights are out. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I almost killed the movers, though. They had to take the lid off the top to get it into the apartment. Glad I had a set of screwdrivers. I tipped them heavily.

Best of all, my cat tried to walk over the pedalboard and was unsettled because she couldn’t get her footing. She should be content to leave it alone.

I need to get a set of headphones for just it, with a good bass response. I also need to learn how to pedal the major and minor scales properly.