I’m slow, but I get there.

I’ve remarked before that if you make music while working, you have lots of money but no time. If you make music full-time, you have lots of time and no money.

Even with little time though, I manage. šŸ™‚ Moved ahead a bit on the thing I’m working on now, and I can see the next shift in texture coming up, so that’s nice. I also feel a lot better about having solved that fingering problem … well, the pedaling problem that I thought was a fingering problem anyway. And the practicing I did to solve the problem, even though it turned out to be inapplicable, had a tremendously beneficial effect.

This really does seem to be very similar to writing. I continually compare music to language in my head, and to me, they’re pretty much the same thing. But I know that when I write and have written in the past, I think of ideas all day long. I just empty them all out into the laptop when I get home. I don’t have ideas at the laptop. That’s just where I pour them from the tank of ideas that my brain has been filling all day.

Music is very similar. Sometimes being at the piano even seems to block the writing process more than facilitate it. I test ideas there, I see how they can be implemented, check how they sound … but I appear to be doing most of my writing for this piece at least at night after an evening of playing, when I lie in bed and wait to fall asleep. That’s where I will go over what I’ve played that night and then let my ear wander forward. If I stumble on something good, I just go over and over and over it in my head until I’m confident I can recall it — a new skill for me! — and then try it out the next night.

I’m glad I can do this, especially given that whole money-but-no-time thing I describe above.