Pedaling problems

So I spent about two nights trying to solve a pedaling issue with fingering, getting vaguely close, realizing that my solution would not work at speed, and just grumbling and deciding to fix it with the pedal. I don’t know why, but it seems to be a default setting for amateur pianists to neglect pedal technique. I “knew” that there wasn’t enough time to pedal in order to keep a certain note from sounding cut off, so I figured that fingering would solve the problem.

I’m not complaining — the woodshedding I did to try to work out those fingerings I tried was incredibly useful for the rest of that problematic measure. I definitely got something out of it. But it did end up being a pedal issue, and not one that I could solve on the hands. Had to be the foot. And yes, there was enough time in the piece to fix the problem with the pedal, but I just had to be more precise on the pedal than I had been before.

And while falling asleep, I think I came up with where I’d like it to go next, and I was aware enough to do it a dozen or so times in my head so I wouldn’t forget it when I woke up. Will give it a go when I get home tonight and see how it turns out.