Who’s the threat here?

Flying with a cello is one traveler’s nightmare

Aren’t all these Byzantine, mutually and internally inconsistent rules supposed to keep us safe from people who would destroy priceless artifacts of Western civilization? I mean, isn’t that why we have governments with one set of rules, airlines with another … and the gate agent is allowed to do whatever they want in the end anyway? To keep us safe from al Qaeda or something?

And who would be cheering the loudest if this dear, beautiful thing had been smashed?

We’ve been told endlessly that terrorists want to destroy our civilization … and it seems like we’re happy to respond in ways that help them along. (And that don’t seem to accomplish much. And that violate our civil rights … )

Crazy. Absolutely crazy. While we’re at it, let’s chuck the Mona Lisa in the cargo hold, too. o_O

My favorite part is how they didn’t bother to inform him that he couldn’t buy a seat for his cello until they had already taken his money for one.

I’ve complained about playing the least portable instrument in the world behind the pipe organ, but at least I don’t have to cope with this headache. And pianos are fungible in many ways, unlike many other instruments, particularly strings.