I’m safe.

I didn’t rewrite it. I mean, not that I could … but I didn’t. One similar chord progression, but I’m fine otherwise. 🙂 So maybe it’s my own version of being vaguely tapped by the same muse that smacked Albeniz clean over the head.

Secondly, wow that piece of music is fantastic on every instrument, isn’t it? I just wish there were more people who played it at a proper tempo instead of acting like an 8-year old with a machine gun. I can understand why Scott Joplin’s tempo marking became more and more snarky the longer he went. I may make similar notes on my own sheet music: “If you play this piece too fast, I will come back and haunt you.” I mean, you’d think that people who studied classical music knew what “Allegro ma non troppo” meant. Get the brick off the accelerator.