CRAP, I may have rewritten “Leyenda.”

I need to go home tonight and make sure that I didn’t totally rip off “Leyenda” in the latest piece I’m working on. I might be able to *ahem* pay homage to it subtly, but I don’t want to just coldly and obviously rip the thing off.

I need to just make sure when I get home. I’m not positive that I did; it’s more likely that I just used a common-sounding arpeggio technique for chordal instruments, and that someone before me already did it. Unsurprising. But … agh. Just want to listen closely.

Update: I’ll be damned. “Leyenda” was originally written for piano, at least per Albeniz’s Wiki page.

Further update: You know, this is more of the sort of stuff that I wish I had known about as a kid, instead of having flippin Chopin shoved down my throat all the time.