I’ve gotten floofy again.

This seems to happen a lot. Unfortunately, it also involves being in five sharps. I can’t stay off the black keys, it appears. It’s very annoying. Once again, a key is turning from a sharp to a flat in my brain — Ab this time. It’s a G#. Which is very strange, since Abm has seven flats in it, and G# minor has only five sharps. So why my brain insists on filing that one away as a flat key, I have no idea — possibly because of its resemblance to AbM.

Anyhow, it’s actually marked “presto,” which is a marking that I’ve always avoided in general, due to my own belief that I have no actual chops of any kind. (It seems to be a lot easier when it’s one’s own music that’s moving at a breakneck pace, not a surprise really.)

Anyway, I still remain stunned at how floofy I get at the piano. I am not a font of floof normally, not verbally nor textually. But that keyboard seems to enable it. Whatever.