Always a surprise

What I can do when I focus, I mean. In terms of shimmery rolls with strange rhythms in the right hand. I really do have to push myself technique-wise more often in my writing. I know that I do that; that’s usually the best way to write is to go about an inch beyond what you’re capable of. But I very often will go an inch beyond in a predictable direction. I still avoid too much frilly crap in the right hand. An inch beyond in big chords and big jumps is more what I’m likely to do.

This piece that I’m working on now — well, it’s not really a piece yet, just some noodling around — has some stuff in it that feels like home court to me, like putting shimmery accomp in the right hand with strong melody in the left. It’s been ages since I’ve heard “Ondine,” but I think it’s a bit like the opening of that IIRC. So maybe this is the way for me to approach frilly right hand stuff, by making it just accomp, with the melody where it feels best to me — on the left side. It’s frilly right-hand stuff, which is an inch beyond, but it has the cozy aspects of putting the melody in my left hand.

At any rate, it’s sort of fun. We’ll see where it goes.

Still no new laptop, still no new viola … the laptop comes first, then a copy of Ableton and some Adobe creative suite stuff. Then, the viola — a distance third place behind the computer stuff.