Oh, god. Back to six flats.

So before I made sense of whether or not I wanted to add stuff to the beginning or the end of the six-flat thing, I actually worked out some stuff to go on the end of it. This was before I managed that longish bridge that joined up the start with that 32-measure chunk that came out all at once last October.

So I’m wondering whether I don’t want to also keep going from the end. I mean, I sort of have a safety net at this point in that, if it goes pear-shaped or I get lazy, I do have a decently “finished” piece in what I have now. It holds together well enough as-is that I can let it stand on its own.

But I might want to go ahead and see about developing it further and making a longer, more complex work out of it. What the hell? I’m not going to manage a ten-minute long piece until I’m content to try, and this particular piece has enough decent fruity bits in it that I’m confident I can develop some of them further. I do need to get myself into a different emotional mindset, though — just figure out where I want to head. I can go in a lighter direction with more frilly bits, or a darker, slower direction, or who knows where. I’ll record it tonight or this weekend and see how it strikes my ear. If I can’t get the clutch in, I’ve got a finished piece out of it, so no harm.