When I get annoyed with and/or love the viola and why

I think it’s based on what I’m writing. If I’m in the swampy mudpile at the heart of a piece in progress, then the thing gathers dust. If I make it out of the other end of a piece bloody, stitched up, and ready to collapse, then the thing gathers dust.

If I make it out the other end of a piece with a decent sense that I’m an okay musician, then it’s Viola Time.

I think I’m just finding out why the first thing that hit me after I started writing music was that I couldn’t do that and learn viola at the same time. The high-level thinking required to do composition and the low-level thinking required to be a beginner on any instrument are just pretty much not good for my brain at the same time. I can either be at 30,000′ or a half-inch off the ground, but not at the same time.

I’m also pondering getting a GAMA-level 15″ righty viola from Gliga and just bringing it to my luthier to get it converted. He’s done conversions before, so it’s not too peculiar. And I’d get geared pegs on it, too. I’m sick of “clunk!” sharp *clunk!* flat *clunk!* shit. I’m really still on the fence about this whole thing.