Not an elephant

Not at all, in fact. And not a merry-go-ralph, either. This one seems to have concluded very painlessly and pleasantly. And I am very, very pleased.

I guess this has happened in the past with other pieces as well, though. Not everything is an elephant. “Moon of Memory” was a nice one. “Falling Awake” was a bit less pleasant to write, but not as bad as “Bitter Clean,” which I need to start referring to by title because I just totally blanked on what it was called as I was typing. I keep thinking of it as “that stupid 6-flat thing” and “the elephant,” and apparently those two nicknames for the piece have gotten so ground into the carpets in my brain that I can’t recall what I actually christened the piece. O_O

Jesus, I need sleep.

This one’s called “Before the Fire.” It’s not Great Aht, but I like it. 🙂 It may or may not get longer, but I’m happy with it as it is and won’t angst over it staying its current length if that’s how the chips fall.