Goalie paranoia

Okay, so if you’re from a certain east coast town known for cheesesteaks and guys who didn’t know enough to not fly kites in thunderstorms, you are probably familiar with the Goalie Curse. To wit: Why the hell has it been so long since the Flyers had a really spectacular goalie who they could rely on in the clutch? They’ve had them in the past. Hell, the first guy they ever signed turned out to be one of the best in history, and he subsequently became one of the best goaltending coaches in history after retiring, cranking out two Vezina-and-Conn-Smythe-winning acolytes in very short order.

But … what since then?

Taken together with the absolutely maddening Cup Drought and the fact that the city is still stinging over Pelle Lindbergh’s death almost 30 years later, and you get a whole lot of hockey-crazed folks who are on a hair trigger every time their goalie sneezes or picks his nose.

Anyhow, we have to knock it off. Or else we’re going to start giving some truth to the suspicions that Philadelphia is the Goalie Curse — that our paranoia has resulted in a city that no goalie can successfully work in.

Not only that, but let’s face it. We don’t have to wait for our current lovable, too-quotable space cadet to rebound in the coming season. Am I the only person who watched the last third of the last season? Am I the only one who recalls him rebounding then, posting shutouts, and his save percentage shooting through the roof?

He rebounded. It’s happened. We’ve got ourselves a goalie, people. Calm down. *eyeroll*

In other news, I seem to have unearthed a nice, melodic way of approaching the chord progression of the canon-y thing. It’s turning out okay. 🙂