Around and around and around and …

I wonder how many times I’m going to go over this canon thing before I stop or get sick of it?

I remembering going to a Renaissance Faire with a few friends when I was in graduate school and seeing a sort of suspended hanging spinning thing with seats in it that was connected to a maypole sort of thing with big strips of fabric and chains. A spinny … thing. I had no clue what it’s called. (It’s this thing. Apparently, it’s a “maypole carousel.” Who knew?)

Neither did anyone I was with at the time. One friend of mine pointed to it and said, “Spin-n-spew!”

I shook my head at him and replied with, “Merry-go-ralph.” He liked that. 🙂

I won’t title this thing “Merry Go Ralph.” But I wonder how many times around the chord progression I’ll be content to go before I decide to hop off?