Being less linear

I really do have to keep in mind that the best, most involved thing I’ve written was written in a very nonlinear style, as most things are — where I wrote parts of it and then proceeded to shuffle them around a bit. Lately, I’ve been writing things more each-note-in-order. Musescore, much as I love it, seems to demand that more than pencil and paper. It’s just that it’s so damned fast and convenient to use, but I’ve been limiting myself thanks to that quickness and convenience. I might want to print out what I’m doing, and then just scribble the old-school way and wait until it’s mostly done before putting it into Musescore all at once. Maybe I also need to get a printer.

For all its limitations, pencil-and-paper really is the most flexible, user-friendly way to get anything down in some ways.