I seem to have wound up in Bm.

And possibly in 6/8 although I want to be in 12/8 for this particular bit. I’m also well off the beaten chord progression path in that I decided to follow my ear and somehow wound up in Bm. I kind of like the idea. Makes me feel like Scott Joplin, who could get from any key to any other key via ricocheting off of a sequence of diminished chords. Actually, he could get from any key to Bb like some sort of two-flat homing pigeon with an Edwardian collar. (Given the key signatures of his stuff, I have to wonder if he didn’t play a piano with a broken Ab key someplace.)

Anyhow, I’m going to bounce around merrily in Bm for a bit and try to anchor myself in 12/8 in the meantime, and then figure out a way to back out of the canon along an orthogonal plane to the one by which I entered it (increasing complexity via changing time signatures, denser chords, and upward movement).