How to get consistent about Hanon

I need a paper calendar, which I will print out. Each night, I will take Hanon to the woodshed — although not all the way out to 120bpm(!) — and will mark a big red X on that day. I will aim for an unbroken string of Xs for some unspecified amount of time.

I’ll have to do it bit by bit — some Hanon at the start of a session at the piano, even just a writing session, followed by writing, noodling, etc. Then, a bit more Hanon, more noodling, and more Hanon to close. This will enable me to get a good amount in without overheating things too early on, since an unbroken streak of Hanon often takes too much out of me to enable me to keep going with actual music.

All I need to do is print out some monthly calendars and get cracking. 🙂

I wish I could do this as well with improv, and I may if I can fit it in, but for now, I need to determine how much of everything I can fit in. Oh, my “kingdom” — such as it is — for a winning lottery ticket.