What irritates me about the Well Tempered Clavier

I feel silly about this, but it’s really annoying.

I can’t stand the idea of going from C minor to C# Major. It makes my head cramp.

Why the hell didn’t he go in the proper order? C Major/A minor to G Major/E minor, etc. and around the circle of fifths the rest of the way.

Instead, he goes in freakin alphabetical order. WTF?! Alphabetical order?!

Okay, okay. Chromatic order. Alphabetical order.

Anyway, that’s why I felt like I had to uncross my eyes when I paged through the WTC the first time. Drove me nuts. It still does. I just got those discs of Zhu Xiao-Mei doing both books of the WTC, and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to reorder them so that they go the correct, proper, humane, and godly way instead of this berserker-barbarian order that causes the edges of the universe to creak. I still have to get the sheet music I have bound, too — it’s perfect binding, and I want it spiral. And there is a distinct possibility that I’m going to just trim the binding off and then reorder the freaking pages so that the damned things go in the right order.

I know. But Jesus. Johann, come on. You of all people.