A dur moment, but a nice one.

So I was at the piano again, finally, and looking for an idea. That F#/Gb/whatever thing I finished — the elephant — had demoralized me to the point where I was thinking to myself, “Fuck it, CM.” And I elected to just follow my ear instead of trying to work out how to get into the diminished version of V of V of the relative minor or any of what my father would have called “that happy horseshit.” Just follow the ear, have fun, and if I wound up recreating the chord progression for every power ballad since the dawn of time, then so be it.

So I turned up something nice. Trite, but nice. And it had this strange property of wanting to turn into the Song That Never Ends — around and around and around and zzzzzzznork …

So I decided that if this thing was going to go around in circles, then maybe I can play with it a little on each go-round, just ornament it a little more every time. Hit some center point, noodle around oddly, and then start peeling away layers of complexity until I wound up where I started. It wasn’t until later tonight that I realized that I had effectively decided to write a canon.

Okay, I’ll write a canon.

Thankfully, I wrote that first pass down, because tonight when I tried to play it again, I ended up giving it a different rhythm (3/4 turned into 9/8 because I can sneak a triplet into anything). I sat there annoyed with myself for a few seconds before I realized, “Hey, didn’t you want to go through this thing a couple times differently every time? Well, here’s your ear giving you a new interpretation of this free of charge with no effort on your part. Follow it and see where it leads!” Hell, I’d written the first pass down, so it’s not like it was a tragedy if I couldn’t recreate it precisely after a day.

So now, there are nearly two complete versions of this thing, and close enough together that the second proceeds very nicely and naturally from the first.

I have no idea how many times I will go around this particular merry-go-ralph before losing interest or jumping out a window. I know the ledge-clutching will come into play at some point, because it always does. But it should be fun.