Mostly noodling lately

Not motivated to dive back into Joplin or Grieg, just noodling and seeing what comes out. Been messing in just plain ol’ CM last night, and it was fun. I’m trying to get to the point where I know the sound that’s going to be coming out before I hit a certain key, and more importantly, what chord I’m in when I hear something. I must say, that’s a big plus for the viola — playing one note at a time really makes improv a lot easier.

I should really just start doing the exercises in my copy of Piston, just to see what happens. But I do so love to noodle at night. I wish my workday were a little less full so I could noodle idly to myself in my mind during the day, but I do have a mentally demanding job and can’t really do that.

Anyway. Nothing much to report musically. Just messing around and enjoying myself. I have no strong emotional message to get across at the moment, so I’m not feeling very antsy about it. Something’ll pop up. 🙂