Viola happiness again

So I messed around a bit more this weekend, and my attitude toward the viola appears to have improved since getting the elephant out of the pipes. However, I have bought a set of octave strings (the Sensicores) and plan to get a cheap student lefty from Gliga and make my luthier go o_O when I bring them both to him and ask him to reconcile them. Might be a waste of money, but it won’t be a waste of too much, so that’s not so bad. So in the near future, I may have an instrument that is both smaller and lower. 🙂

I wish I had more choices about strings; I know that it took me a bit of piffling around to find the combination that works best for Stevie (C/G Obligatos and D/A Corelli Crystals), and I dislike the idea of being locked into one brand on the octavgeige. We’ll see what happens.

Why can’t I just find a small, lightweight, low instrument? Goddamned physics.

Still muddling around with the idea of arranging “La Vie en Rose,” but I don’t know if it’s actually going to happen. (What the hell am I arranging cheesy French torch songs for?) I want to get back to “Son nata a lagrimar,” actually.

I’m also starting slow practice on my own finished piece, and would like to refamiliarize myself with my old stuff again through the same means. Eventually, I’d like to have a rep built up of my own work.