Left-handed child-size instruments

This does my heart good!

You know they wouldn’t be making these things if there were no demand for them! I am so happy to see this! Despite urban myth, there is no left-handed “advantage” to playing an instrument designed for right-handers (not even pianos, which are probably the least biased of all due to how they are played. And yet, even they are slightly biased against us.)

But with these fractional lefties, there would be absolutely no disadvantage to playing left-handed whatsoever. None. No bias in the slightest. At last, we would be on a completely equal footing. 🙂 How wonderful to see these!

I can’t shake the feeling that back in the Baroque days when flutes and recorders were made for use on either side, with the unused holes meant to be plugged with wax and ignored, Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri, Testore, and the rest all made their small share of left-handed instruments. They were probably all converted over until nowdays some few of the classical string players in the world, bowing with their right hands either by nature or force, have fiddles with light shadows inside their bellies, attesting to the fact that they originally came with their bass bars mounted on the other side. I’d love to see MRIs of the extant Strads to determine whether this can be ascertained.

The sad thing is that this unhinged and completely baffling attitude toward left-handed play would probably be so strong (most unfounded prejudices are) that the information would probably be suppressed. It’s crazy, but I wouldn’t put it past people. They’re so strange about this.