Feeling better about that 6-flat thing

The more I think about it — and the more I relax after having gotten the elephant out of the way — the happier I am with the end result of this thing. That’s probably just a delayed relaxation from finally not holding that cramped position with my brain any more. My head’s been a fist for a while, and I’m at last starting to relax my grip and get the pins and needles out again.

I also neglected to realize just how much I wrote to result in that bridge. I sat down and worked it out, and then when I put it into Musescore, I was very surprised to learn that it was suddenly four pages long. I go back and look at the sheet music, and it’s telling me that I wrote 50 measures, which constitute what I was thinking of as a mere “bridge.” Measures 40 to 90 are what I had to put down to link back up to the piece I had originally worked up, which was 32 measures long. My god. I forget sometimes how long music is; what seems like just a simple workup can take up an awful lot of paper. (And then there’s the prologue for this thing, that odd little dissonant thing in 6 flats and 4/4 that started this whole mess — which is a half a page and feels like much more.)

Anyhow. I’m finally starting to get some sun back into me after getting this thing out of the way. I hope I remember how this feels the next time another elephant builds up in the pipes and I have to squat over the damned thing again.

And I started recalling a short, pretty, absolutely schmaltzy thing I started working on over the winter holidays when I was unable to fly home. It’s 100% schmaltz, and I’m not entirely enthusiastic about it since it’s not filling a gap that I’ve determined needs filling, but who knows. If it’s there, might as well write it.