Some non-6-flat noodling

Nothing really promising, but it was nice to listen idly to some ELO this morning and then sit down and just let go, instead of sweating and doubting myself, wondering whether I’m really even a musician.

I still haven’t got the bridge to that 6-flat thing entirely worked out, and I don’t yet have it in Musescore, but I’m listening to it repeatedly as an mp3 and have worked out where it needs some work, so that’s also progressing.

I think I just want to call done on the stupid thing and move on. This has been a terribly unsatisfying experience even though the piece, such as it is, turned out fairly nice all things considered.

Have had to sequester my brain away from all playoff hockey unfortunately; I simply cannot write and pay that close mind. It’s too mentally engaging; even in October, hockey can seize on my parietal lobes like an epileptic fit. In April? I’m lucky to remember to shower if I get too wrapped up in it. Music suffers when I pay it too much mind, no matter how good or poorly they’re doing. Agh. I’ll catch up on things in July, but for now, the regular season had dead-ended for me into an unpenetrated fog. Oh, well. (Unfortunately, I have an ugly suspicion that this was a good decision.)

I just ate a spoonful of Nutella as well, and I have no bottled water in the fridge, and the tap water around here is lousy. *sigh*

I think I’ll listen to some Zoë Keating and maybe some more ELO. Or some Jeff Schmidt. Anything but fucking Brahms again …