Remember what I said earlier about crapping an elephant an inch at a time?

Well, I finally heard a plop. Yes, I know it’s a disgusting metaphor for what turned out to be a great piece of music. It’s also horribly appropriate.

Not only that, it’s break time! I’ve got to get this thing into Musescore, and then I take a break from sweating and killing myself. And I never go that far onto the black keys again. Four sharps to three flats, and that’s as accidental as I get from now on.

I cannot believe this thing is finally (mostly) over with. I simply cannot believe it. October 22 was when I first cranked this out, or the 21st. I think it was the 21st, and I blogged about it on the 22nd. I cannot believe it’s done, and that it was such a brutal damned experience. This was the ugliest and most undermining and confidence-destroying artistic experience I’ve ever had.

(Thus far. I hate to admit it, but there are probably worse ones up ahead. Oh joy.)

I need to get out and list all the other junk that I’ve got going on and see if I can’t prioritize what gets worked on next — everything from “Streetlights” to that abortive little thingie in AM that I’ve been thinking of in terms of Shirley Jones in a ponytail to “Son nata a lagrimar,” to the “Se fiera belva ha cinto” variations, to “Twilight.” I need to just get it all out and look at it, even that damned thing in C#m. Just get all my blocks and toys and lay them out where I can see them so I know what I’ve got going on.