You know, I never really hated the Penguins.

Since I was a kid, I always sort of considered them like the Flyers’ little brother — if they beat someone else, I can be happy for them, as long as we beat the crap out of them. But those days might be over.

Mocking, fights, coaches ejected for screaming fits, headhunting … and a grown man dressed up for Let’s Make A Deal and a Flyer who publicly found him terribly amusing

Good lawd.

But they still need to come on strong from the first period and stop letting the other guys score first. I’m thinking of this in the context of a comment that sports psychologist Don Greene made about the Superbowl, that the first quarter always sucks due to nerves. I just wonder if a visit from this guy wouldn’t help the rookies get their feet under themselves faster. It would explain their tendency to fall back on matinee games as well.

Ah, well. Pens lost. I’m happy. And to be honest, if they are trying to stoke a fire with these unneeded, nasty hits, they’re going to get one. They will lose, or the Flyers will make them wish they had. There is only one team in the NHL that can take that dragon for a walk safely, and it’s not Pittsburgh. I guess what it all boils down to is this:

Broad Street Bullies: Fight, then win.
Pittburgh Penguins: Lose, then fight.