Got you, you bastard!

At least I’m fairly sure I broke through. Finally. I feel like — over a period of five months, mind you — I crapped an elephant an inch at a time. >_O

(Sorry, but sometimes a revolting scatological metaphor is all that works for a given situation.)

I have one more section to put in where I need some spackle and a little bit of smoothing, but I’ve got a damned bridge to that Koh-i-noor section that I came up with last October thank you, and I’m fairly certain that it’s at least going to be somewhat stable.

No wonder composers and artists go around cutting off ears and drinking themselves into Mutter Museum candidates. This is nuts-making. I swear I have stretch marks around my brain now, and the only reason I’m not getting completely piss-drunk is because I was smart enough to stop buying wine a few months ago.

I am never working in six flats again. It will never stop being disorienting as hell.

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