Thickening the paint

Put a thicker layer on top of what I was doing last night before ending up in Abm — I think I like it. It’s darkening things a bit and making them heavier, just when I was starting to get sick of the music-box 1-2-3/1-2-3 thing in the left hand, one eighth note at a time, up and down. I’d like to get a bit heavier and more ponderous, borrowing something from the part I’ve already written, maybe somehow foreshadowing the end in Ebm — if indeed I end there. I may well end up either wandering off, or else just making a light coda that puts me back in F#M. (GbM. Jesus Christ, I hate this stupid key.)

But for now, I’m feeling a bit more like a musician. I also want to call my luthier this weekend and ask him about dropping Stevie off to see if I can’t get some weight off of him. I really wouldn’t mind amputating the scroll gracefully, if it’s doable. I don’t play with others, so I don’t have to care if anyone gives my instrument the stinkeye or thinks it looks wrong.

(And look at all that luscious orange. Doesn’t it just do your heart good?)