Man, it really isn’t possible to write and woodshed at the same time — at least not without a winning lottery ticket or a senile oil baron on hand. I am disoriented entirely on the viola as of late, and mostly because I haven’t been playing the damned thing. I’ve been making some slow headway on the Eb/F# thing as well, which means shedding on the piano isn’t happening, either. I’ll start on Hanon and something will come to me, and I just stop dead, fire up MS, and start poking and playing the same 16 measures over and over a thousand times while something stirs up.

I’ve been managing to keep “Pompe vane di morte” and “Dove sei?” in my fingers as well, as much as I can. The “Se fiera belva ha cinto” variations are sort of next on the stack, and I started humming the sinfonia to “V’adoro pupille” last time I watched “Cesare” as well. I can see an entire set of nothing but Haendel aria intros with variations in my distant future, but for now between the six-flat thing and doing the rest of “Dove sei?” I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Where this will leave Hanon and the viola is another matter. I so wish I could have kept going with structured lessons on the viola, but every day that goes by makes it clearer that doing that and writing/arranging at the same time was just not possible, not with a 10+-hour-a-day job unrelated to music.