Yeah, just a slog.

You just have to keep pounding. And it’s easier to edit than to come up with something in the first place.

I’m still lukewarm, and increasingly so, on the usefulness of Musescore for this sort of thing. If I have a fairly good idea of where I want to head, like I did with the D mixo thing and “Moon of Memory,” it’s great. I can get ideas down and move on very, very quickly — and I don’t have the obstacle of typesetting it all when I’m done with the actual piece. Plus, the ability to “play” it back to myself using the MIDI synth keeps me from making notation mistakes and also enables me to work away from the piano at least a little.

But sometimes the writing process just isn’t very linear, and the ability to randomly scribble ideas down, ignore them, marks things off with arrows and asterisks, and then go back and re-read what you wrote the weekend before and decide you liked it, is harder with electrons than with paper and pencil. I don’t have to worry so much about revision control with paper. I can just write and scribble it down and not worry about carrying a document management system around in my head.

Of course, Musescore still comes in handy at the end — Lilypond looked beautiful, but it took forever to typeset anything. Musescore is a six-second job, and the decrease in quality from Lilypond is more than offset by the speed and convenience (and again, the ability to suss out mistakes rapidly with the synth).

Anyhow, still just slogging away. I swear, I’m going to have more bits and pieces in six flats stocked up when I finally call done on this …