Mountain climbing, music, and NOW

And I know this goes for lots of other day-by-day fight-for-every-inch challenges in life. I just thought of RBP’s annoying vanished podcast where she talks about practicing versus performing, about how when you practice, you are looking at everything, and when you perform you are concentrating only on what you are doing right now and what’s immediately coming up. And how, if you let yourself fall into the habit of thinking about the whole piece or what you screwed up two minutes ago, you’ll freak out and blow it.

It just reminded me of how mountain climbers say not to look down OR up. You look at where you are right now, and what the immediate next choice/decision you have to make is. If you look down OR up, you will freak and lose your grip. I’ve since discovered that people who have significant amounts of weight to lose talk about that as well: don’t look too far ahead or spend too much time thinking about where you started. It’s all about where you are now and what your next choice is.

It’s just interesting how music (and so many other supposedly “different” challenges) is one of those things that forces us to stop living in the past or the future. Instead, we must be in the immediate present: where are we NOW, and what is the single next choice we need to make NOW?