Hanon redux

Once again, I can feel a difference in my ability to play immediately after doing Hanon, but I do have to do it in small sips. I’m sort of titrating myself upward with the metronome two clicks at a time and going very slowly to keep from shredding my hands (the homemade rice-filled cold packs are quite nice), and also to get used to the demands. I don’t want to do too much of this per night since I really don’t want to overdo it, but I do want to do some each night. I also don’t want to move forward without really getting a given exercise down. I don’t move the metronome up until I feel like I’ve gotten a really good feel for a given pace. I can’t do the standard thing of playing 10 times flawlessly only because by the fourth up-and-down my hands are burning, and it’s not a matter of mistakes so much as flubbing from exhaustion. I’m more interested in accuracy and expanding my motor cortex, not so much pianistic cardio. But 4 times flawlessly is okay, with breaks until I add two more bpm.

I think I’m going to get the CM Hanon exercises down up to about 90bpm with occasional inconsistent bursts up to 108 as the exercises direct, but it would probably be best for me to just do them up to about 90bpm in all tonalities first, keeping the breakneck pace for later, if at all. I can see warming up with the Hanons in the keys of whatever pieces I’m working on before getting down to business in the future.

So. Hanons up to 90bpm in all tonalities, with occasional sprints to 108 out of curiosity. 🙂