Hanon — feeling the burn

Hanon’ll do that to you. I’ve decided that no really, I’m going to do this. Being not in the mood to write does indeed mean that I can get purely mechanical things done on the piano as well as on the viola. It’s just a bit more evident on the viola since I have none of the technique I need to really communicate anything at this point; I’m still at the “learning to walk upright” stage, so it’s nothing but mechanical learning right now, or at least mostly.

I forget that at the piano, I can still learn more technique, even as I swear at myself because I can’t do certain things. But I sit at the piano, and sometimes I feel that stress of Time For You To Do Your Ideas Justice Now. It’s nice to remind myself that I don’t always have to do that at the piano, that I do indeed have room to improve, and that I can improve and need to stop thinking that I’m “just good at” certain techniques and “just not good at” others. Time to get good at them. RBP once said this in a podcast about how she had to kill herself to get a good upbow staccato, whereas she seems to have been born with a machine-gun ricochet. She didn’t just shrug and say, “Well, guess I’m good at one and not at the other.” She got good at the other.

I’m probably going to have to get cold packs, though. It’s surprisingly to me how I can indeed feel a muscle burn from Hanon, and if I want to do this well enough to really improve from it (and stop writing to my limitations), that probably means doing it to the point where I’ll want to have cold packs around. This is going to take a shedload of Hanon, and I am not about to injure myself or pull one of those childish stupid human tricks of proving I’m “hardcore” by playing through pain. I think one can make them out of rice.