The more I hear of this instrument, the better it sounds.

Schubert’s Ave Maria on pedal steel

It has the vibrato and slide capabilities of strings, the chordal capabilities and ability to carry an entire piece unaccompanied of a keyboard, and better sustain than a keyboard. I’m starting to consider the pedal steel to be one of the ultimate evolutions of musical instruments. If I hadn’t started on viola (and as annoyed as I get with it periodically, I do love it even if I sound like a dead fish smells), I’d probably be looking into it, but I doubt I could find lessons around here. Nor could I fit lessons into my schedule; I already had to quit viola lessons.

But I can enjoy listening to people who can play them well.

Although I would still like to see one fitted into a nice wooden cabinet with some heavy brocade upholstery and good carving. They look like cheap formica kitchen tables, which is unjust. I suppose it keeps them from being too expensive, which is good, but I doubt the things are cheap as it is now. A nice classy looking frame to install the thing in at home would be a wonderful addition, one that just fit around the metal legs so that it looked nice, but that allowed it to still be removed and carried around, so that you could have instrument makers and cabinet makers separately.

Jeez. I’m from Philadelphia. I don’t even like country music.

Update: You know, I say that and then I turn around and talk about Tf3 and how much I like good bluegrass and Cape Breton fiddling. False hunches, indeed.