Another look back, a few days early this time

  1. Just because one can’t keep up a weekly lesson pace thanks to a very demanding job doesn’t mean one can’t keep going, although it does limit the progress one can make on one’s own. Nevertheless. (Wish I could do biweekly instead but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for my old teacher.)
  2. I continue to write music, but it’s becoming harder since I’m expecting far, far more from myself now. Own Worst Enemy Syndrome strikes again.
  3. GAS == “you aren’t that good.” I have stirrings of GAS on viola, none on piano. Coincidence? I doubt it.
  4. I’ve seen Andreas Scholl live twice this year, although once was in HD. He was better in recital than at the Met, but since he’s a good actor, he was still great in both. All the same, Disney Hall is definitely made for him in a way that the Met is not.
  5. I finally bit the bullet and got a copy of WTC. *sigh* I need it. I’m tired of feeling boxed in by an easy-listening technique and need more frilly chops, or else I’ll be writing to my weaknesses.