Still more problems with the A string

I just can’t manage to play in tune on it thus far. And it’s not predictably off, either, which is a big problem. It’s not uniformly sharp in places and flat in others. It’s all over the map, which is bad. I need to just play as much as I can up there, to the point of transposing the heavily G/D pieces I know up onto that string and just shedding on them until I can figure out what’s going on with it.

It’s still like aiming over the top of a hill. I can’t see over the curve of the fingerboard, the bow completely blocks my dominant eye so I can’t see what little is visible, and I hate high notes anyhow so I dislike listening to them enough to tell whether they’re out of tune. I just want to rush through them and make the squealing stop. It’s a perfect combination of multiple things going wrong, and I need to find a way to manage them.

I will swear that I’m going to be high on a D and end up flat. I will play a C or C# convinced that I have to move down a bit and end up sharp anyhow. Or I move down and end up flatter, because what I thought was too far up to start was actually flat. I simply cannot manage to play on that fucking string with any accuracy or precision.

I’m also contemplating asking my luthier what he thinks about removing the scroll. Yes, it’s pretty. It’s also a solid ball of wood placed to exert maximum torque. I don’t know if removing it gracefully would be a possibility or whether it would compromise the strength of the pegbox, but I’m thinking of asking him about it, or at least what could be done to remove as much weight as possible from the damned thing so I don’t feel like I have a gorilla squatting on my shoulder.