The problem with the A string

I can’t see the fingerboard clearly. The bow blocks it from sight, it’s at a weird angle, and I also can’t see the smudge marks my fingertips make since it’s angled away from me a bit. It’s a real pain in terms of intonation as a result. I’m fine on the lower strings, but suddenly when I’m on the A, I sound tone deaf. I feel like I’m flying in a fogbank when I’m on the A string, and I hate it. I almost wish the fingerboard were straight on that side. I’m sure that would involve other problems, but right now, I’ve got to just woodshed away on that side, just sawing away on only that string trying to see if I can’t solve that problem to where I’m not so disoriented and can at least tell where I’m at.

The C string has a similar issue, but it’s not quite so bad because at least I can see that one, even if the view of the fingerboard means that I can’t quite get the same lighting there as on the G/D areas. But the A string is like aiming for something over the top of a hill.