Getting hit by a search engine

It’s so strange. I go along with my little 5 and 6 hits a day, and then *WHAM!* Google spiders the site, and I’ve got 32 hits. Yikes.

Did a little more scraping at Stevie last night … my scroll hand is really, really settling into a comfy shape, and it’s disorienting. I will swear the viola has shrunk. The C string is still a challenge, though.

So is not crawling toward the bridge. I keep discovering that I need to be further from the bridge than I think I do. And it’s not like I’m crawling really close to it — I just keep liking the sound more and more far from the bridge. It’s wonderful on the A string to be quite close to the fingerboard — sweeter and more controllable. I need to play music s-l-o-w-l-y and make sure I maintain that distance. It’s becoming easier the more relaxed my scroll hand gets; when I tense up my scroll hand to reach a certain note (fifth on the open string, natch), it’s hard not to tense up my other arm as well … and of course, when my bow arm gets tense it draws in and gets too close to the bridge. I’ll need to watch out for that when I start learning to shift. I can tell that moving one hand toward my nose will make the other one want to do the same thing, and the bow will end up scraping across my upper lip.

I still need to just settle down and do a warmup, though. I still tend to pick it up and leap right into a piece of music at speed, which is not good. Ah, well.