It bugs me.

It bugs me that very often, when asked a question, taking ten minutes to answer correctly is no better than being wrong as far as most other people are concerned.

Sometimes I think the definition of “confidence” in the corporate world is just “whoever is wrong, first, loudest.” Pisses me off. Coming from a hard science background, I never did grasp that, and it’s caused me no end of trouble.

I remember thinking very well of Jamie Oliver when he remarked that he liked the people who worked for him (female) because when he asked them a question, they’d reply, “I don’t know, but give me a half an hour and I’ll get the answer for you.” And the answer would be the correct one. When he asked others who used to work for him (male, natch), they’d just lie quickly.

Seriously. “Confidence” == “wrong, first, loudest.” Bugs the shit out of me.