A banjo and a pedal steel? WHAT?

Seriously. I can’t listen to a pedal steel without wondering what Bach sounds like on it, and while I was listening to “Dove sei?” again for the millionth time (the Clark-Kent-looking one with Scholl and the Akademie fur Alte Musik from 1998), it struck me how like a banjo the theorbo sounded in its midrange when they wrapped back around to the A theme for the second time.

I want to hear this thing played with a pedal steel and a banjo now. Pedal steels are made for Baroque! Listen to the things!

I should just come right out and say it: I’m crazy about classical music on unconventional instruments. Bach on a fretless bass or a ukulele, Pachelbel on an electric guitar with a distortion box, Bizet on an erhu, Vivaldi on an accordion …

Update: Shit. NO NO NO NO NO. These things are insanely hard to play — every limb is doing something different. I just want to hear someone doing Baroque music on one! I swear it, these things are made for Scarlatti and Corelli.

They should come in nicer cabinets, though. As they are, they look like cheapie formica-topped kitchen tables. They need a nice wood cabinet around them, or some upholstered framing — something to spiff them up a bit so they don’t look like college-student Ikea furniture. At least a frame to go around them and from which they can be easily removed, so they’re still relatively portable.