I am DONE the recitatif accompagnato!

For “Dove sei?” Although I should be fair and say that I’m done working it out, but not scoring it. I anticipate swearing a great deal over Musescore in the near future, and will probably work it out on paper first before trying to figure out how to hack MS to make it look like what I want.

Nevertheless, I’m up to that first long “Do-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove sei?” At last. Now, it gets a bit easier. At least I’ll know what chord I’m in from now on. *gazes heavenward* Right? *crickets* Right? Come on, I’m finally in EbM again, a nicer happy little three-flat key without any goofiness where the relative minor is filed away as a sharp key in my limbic brain.

Anyhow, at least I got something vaguely Euterpian done this weekend.

Update: And um … well, my love of pounding out a long series of whopper chords is evidently as burning and pure as it ever was. I really do need to get my brain in gear and start getting over my fear of frilly runs and floofy trills and things, or else I’ll never be able to write them. But this thing probably sounds like what Haendel would sound like if Billy Joel were playing it while trying to sound like Beethoven. I feel like I’m faking being a good pianist — just throw enough gigantic noises at people, and they’ll think you’re the next Liberace or something. Meanwhile, my feet itch when I see a “tr” on top of something.