Musical notation

I’m not even doing anything that complicated, and it’s still hosing up. Well, the software isn’t crashing or anything, I’m just not entirely sure how to notate something. I think I can manage some way to make the software show what I want, but I’m not sure if I can make it clear on the page what I want. It really makes me look at notation in a far more skeptical way, especially when players sweat tiny, little details about what someone meant by “gioioso” versus “con gioia” or whatever. I’m not sure there isn’t more “oh the hell with it, just do the best you can here” in some of the great works. I suppose it depends on the composer. Some of them were probably more easygoing, and others more picky (Beethoven).

At least the stuff I’m writing now that is causing this problem is recitatif, so it’s supposed to be somewhat metrically free anyway. I’ll put a note on top saying, “The pianist is invited to play the following section with relatively free rhythm,” or whatnot. The intro and the “Dove sei?” parts are/will be more firmly set down, but I’m not sure recitatif can ever be as pinned down as actual music.